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Eclipse-themed Board Games and Video Games Reviews and recommendations

"Total darkness is not always a herald of doom; sometimes, it's just your turn in a spellbinding eclipse-themed game night." As the sun hides bashfully behind the moon, many of us find a unique intrigue in the phenomenon of eclipses. But why wait for the next celestial dance when you can bring the eclipse to your table or screen any time? Engage in the shadowy thrills of solar eclipses through an array of board games and video games that will keep you and your friends entertained long after the real solar spectacle has passed.

Gather around, fellow cosmic enthusiasts and gamers alike! The enthralling nature of solar eclipses doesn't have to be a once-in-a-while wonder. Through the magic of gaming, you can experience the thrill of celestial mechanics and the strategic complexities inspired by the cosmos. Without further ado, let's venture into the universe of eclipse-themed games that promise to transport you beyond Earth's atmosphere.

For the Tabletop Titans: Must-Try Eclipse Board Games

Eclipse Board Game Source: Unsplash

Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy

True to its name, Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy offers a strategic space opera where you take control of a vast interstellar civilization. With resource management, epic space battles, and a dynamic galaxy for you to expand into, your quest for galactic dominance is as thrilling as a solar eclipse itself. Not only will you immerse yourself in complex strategies, but you'll also witness the beautiful artwork that resonates with the awe of a cosmological event.

Twilight Imperium

Dive into the political intrigue and tactical warfare of Twilight Imperium, a game that could eclipse all others in terms of depth and scale. This game brings you the power struggles among star-spanning empires where diplomacy can be just as deadly as the fleets you command. As you maneuver your way to victory, you'll feel every bit the cosmic conqueror, proving your mettle in both warfare and negotiations.

Digital Delights: Video Games with Eclipse Themes

Solar Eclipse Video Game Source: Unsplash


The classic action RPG Terranigma, though not entirely based on an eclipse, features it as a significant plot point. The balance between light and shadow parallels the real-world fascination with the sun and moon's cyclical chase. With its compelling story and intricate world-building, Terranigma captivates with a sense of adventure that's as timeless as the celestial cycles themselves.


If you're after a darker interpretation, the gothic horror of Bloodborne indirectly earns its spot in eclipse-themed gaming. While not overtly about eclipses, the game showers you in a nightmarish landscape often shrouded in darkness. This FromSoftware title may not educate you on celestial mechanics, but it masters the art of using darkness to heighten intrigue and terror.

The Best Eclipse Experiences in Gaming

Solar Eclipse Themed Levels or Events

Many games offer special levels or events centered around solar eclipses. In these scenarios, you'll often find hidden enemies or rare items that only appear when the digital sky goes dark. It's a reminder that in both gaming and life, the extraordinary often lies just beyond the veil of darkness.

Eclipse Mechanics in Strategy Games

Some strategy games incorporate eclipse mechanics where the game world is affected by cycles of darkness. This gameplay element adds a layer of strategic depth as players must adapt to the changing environments and the opportunities or threats that come with it. These mechanics showcase how eclipses can be more than just visual spectacles — they can be game-changing events.

When Can You Witness the Next Real-World Eclipse?

Solar Eclipse Source: Unsplash

Want to plan your gaming night to coincide with a real lunar or solar eclipse? Then be sure to check out for precise times and dates of upcoming solar eclipses in your area or around the world. It's the perfect companion to stay informed about these awe-inspiring astronomical events and add a layer of immersion to your eclipse-themed gaming sessions.

Engage with Other Solar Chasers and Gamers!

Have you played any eclipse-themed games that eclipsed your expectations? Or perhaps found yourself in the shadow of a challenging level that mirrored the awe of an actual solar eclipse? Share your thoughts and experiences, and let's kindle a community conversation as brilliant as a corona's glow. What's your preferred way to celebrate these cosmic moments in gaming?

Visual Treats and Brain Teasers

It wouldn't be a gaming blog without some engaging visuals! If possible, developers should incorporate images that capture the essence of each game. Think of high-res screenshots, captivating game art, or photos of people enjoying these games together. Images should be sourced from Unsplash with appropriate queries:

  • Board game nights depicting people engrossed in an eclipse-themed game.
  • Dynamic screenshots or artwork from the video games mentioned.
  • Photos of solar eclipse phenomena to punctuate sections about the real-world events.

  • The longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century occurred on July 22, 2009, and lasted for a whopping 6 minutes and 39 seconds!
  • Solar eclipses have historically been causes of fear and awe, leading to various myths and legends across different cultures.
  • In gaming, eclipses are often used as powerful backdrops for pivotal plot points, symbolizing change, mystery, or impending danger.

Let's Recap Before the Next Eclipse

By the end of this gaming odyssey, you now have a constellation of eclipse-themed games to explore. Whether through a board game that commands your strategic prowess or a video game that immerses you in otherworldly landscapes, you can experience the majestic dance of celestial bodies anytime you wish. Remember, the next time a solar eclipse graces the sky, it's not just a spectacle to witness but an inspiration for your next game night adventure.

Browse your favorites from this list, mark your calendars with the aid of for the next solar event, and prepare for a gaming session that's truly out of this world. Until we meet again under the gaming stars, may the light of curiosity lead you to new horizons!

Gaming Under the Stars Source: Unsplash

So, dear reader, have we piqued your interest in the cosmic realm of eclipse-themed games? How about syncing your game night with an actual eclipse for an experience that's literally aligned with the stars? Share your plans, reviews, and any other game recommendations that fit the theme in the comments below. Let’s keep the conversation as lively as a meteor shower, and may your next gaming session be a celestial celebration of strategy, skill, and a touch of solar mystery. Clear skies and high scores to all! 🌌✨🎮

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