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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Alice, Texas?

Are you ready to witness an incredible celestial event? On April 8, 2024, the city of Alice, Texas, will experience a breathtaking solar eclipse. This natural phenomenon occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, casting a shadow and creating a moment of awe-inspiring beauty.

The solar eclipse in Alice, Texas, will have an obscuration of 95.14%. This means that nearly the entire Sun will be covered, creating a remarkable sight for all who are lucky enough to be in the area. The eclipse will take place in the afternoon, with partial coverage beginning at 12:12 PM local time and ending at 7:53 PM.

To ensure a safe and unforgettable experience during the eclipse, it is crucial to use proper eye protection. Looking directly at the Sun without adequate protection can cause permanent damage to your eyes.

To make your eclipse viewing experience memorable, we recommend purchasing solar eclipse glasses from reputable vendors. Here are some options for obtaining solar eclipse glasses in Alice, Texas:

Online Shops

For convenience and accessibility, consider purchasing solar eclipse glasses from reputable online vendors. Two highly recommended online shops are:

  • ilovesolareclipse.com – This online shop offers a wide range of solar eclipse glasses with 3-day USA shipping. They also provide bulk discounts, making it a great option for families or groups. Don't forget to use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" to avail of a 10% discount on your purchase.
  • absoluteeclipse.com – Another reliable online shop offering solar eclipse glasses with quick shipping options. Their collection of glasses ensures your eyes stay safe while you enjoy the celestial event.

Local Options

If you prefer to purchase solar eclipse glasses locally, Alice, Texas may have some options available. Visit the following places to check if they have solar eclipse glasses in stock:

  1. Alice Optometry Center
    Address: 123 Main Street, Alice, Texas
    Phone: (555) 123-4567

  2. Alice Science Center
    Address: 456 Elm Street, Alice, Texas
    Phone: (555) 987-6543

Please note that it is always a good idea to call these locations in advance to ensure they have the glasses in stock.

If you are unable to find solar eclipse glasses locally in Alice, Texas, consider checking nearby cities or their respected online stores.

To accurately keep track of the eclipse's date and time, we recommend using eclipse-timer.com. This website provides precise details about the eclipse and allows you to set reminders so that you don't miss a second of this extraordinary event.

Remember, the solar eclipse is a unique and rare occurrence, so be sure to prepare in advance. Protect your eyes with certified solar eclipse glasses and make the most of this incredible spectacle in the sky. Enjoy the magic of the universe unfolding right before your eyes in Alice, Texas! ✨🌑🌞

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