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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Mountain Lake Park, Maryland?

🌒🕶️ Get ready to witness a spectacular celestial event! On April 8, 2024, a solar eclipse will grace the skies of Mountain Lake Park, Maryland. This natural wonder is set to capture the attention of locals and visitors alike, as the moon passes between the earth and the sun, casting a captivating shadow over the land.

Event Details

  • City: Mountain Lake Park, Maryland
  • Latitude: 39.4004° N
  • Longitude: -79.3812° W
  • Obscuration: 92.802%
  • Population: 2,116

The eclipse will unfold as follows in Mountain Lake Park:

  • Partial Eclipse Begin: April 8, 2024, 6:00:48 PM (local time)
  • Peak Time: April 8, 2024, 7:17:30 PM (local time)
  • Partial Eclipse End: April 8, 2024, 8:30:44 PM (local time)

📅 Mark your calendars and make sure to plan your day accordingly to witness this awe-inspiring celestial phenomenon.

Online Shopping Options

To ensure you have the necessary eye protection to safely view the solar eclipse, we recommend purchasing solar eclipse glasses from reputable online retailers. Here are two trusted options:

  1. - This website offers a wide range of solar eclipse glasses that provide optimal protection. They provide fast 3-day shipping across the USA, offer bulk discounts, and even provide a 10% discount with the coupon code "ECLIPSE." Don't miss out on this convenient option to have your glasses delivered right to your doorstep.

  2. - Another excellent online retailer for solar eclipse glasses is Absolute Eclipse. They feature a diverse selection of glasses specifically designed for safe eclipse viewing. With their quick 3-day shipping option, you'll have your glasses in no time. Remember to use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" for a 10% discount on your order.

🛍️ By shopping online, you not only benefit from the convenience of home delivery but also gain access to a broader range of eclipse glasses options. Act now and secure your pair to witness the breathtaking solar eclipse!

Local Retailers

If you prefer purchasing solar eclipse glasses locally in Mountain Lake Park, Maryland, here are a few recommended options:

  1. Mountain Lake Park Eyewear Emporium
  • Address: 123 Main St, Mountain Lake Park, MD 21550
  • Google Maps
  1. Sun & Shade Boutique
  • Address: 456 Elm Ave, Mountain Lake Park, MD 21550
  • Google Maps

Please note that these are generic names and addresses and may not reflect actual establishments in Mountain Lake Park, Maryland. We recommend visiting local optical shops, outdoor retailers, or general stores in your area to inquire about the availability of solar eclipse glasses.

🌐 If you need accurate dates and times for the eclipse in Mountain Lake Park, Maryland, make sure to visit This website provides reliable information to help you plan your eclipse viewing experience to perfection.

🔭 Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to witness the beauty of a solar eclipse in Mountain Lake Park, Maryland. Remember, safety always comes first, so be sure to equip yourself with proper solar eclipse glasses to protect your eyes during this celestial spectacle.

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