Where to buy Solar Eclipse Glasses?

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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Rutgers University-Livingston Campus, New Jersey?

Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in the Rutgers University-Livingston Campus, New Jersey?

The Solar Eclipse Event

On April 8, 2024, a solar eclipse will occur in the area around Rutgers University-Livingston Campus, New Jersey. This fascinating celestial event will have a high obscuration level of 0.897299, meaning the Moon will cover almost 90% of the Sun at the peak of the eclipse. The eclipse will begin with a partial phase at 14:09:47 local time and end at 20:35:55 local time. The peak of the eclipse, when the Moon will cover the maximum portion of the Sun, will happen at 19:24:55 local time.

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To fully enjoy and safely observe the solar eclipse, it is crucial to wear proper eye protection. Solar eclipse glasses are specially designed to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the Sun. For a convenient and reliable option, you can purchase solar eclipse glasses online from ilovesolareclipse.com and absoluteeclipse.com.

Both ilovesolareclipse.com and absoluteeclipse.com offer a wide range of solar eclipse glasses that adhere to the necessary safety standards. By purchasing online, you can take advantage of a 3-day USA shipping service, ensuring that your glasses arrive well before the eclipse. In addition, both websites provide bulk discounts, so you can share this exciting experience with your friends and family. To make your purchase even more affordable, use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" during checkout to receive a 10% discount.

Local Availability

If you prefer to buy solar eclipse glasses locally around the Rutgers University-Livingston Campus area, there may be options available. However, it is important to note that local availability can vary, and it is recommended to call ahead to ensure they are in stock. Here are some potential places to consider:

  1. Pharmacies: Many local pharmacies carry solar eclipse glasses during significant celestial events. Check with nearby pharmacies, such as CVS or Walgreens, as they often stock these glasses leading up to the eclipse.

  2. Science Museums: Science museums or observatories near the Rutgers University-Livingston Campus may have solar eclipse glasses available for purchase. These institutions frequently provide educational resources for astronomical events and often offer eclipse glasses as well. Consider checking out the Newark Museum or the Liberty Science Center for availability.

  3. Optical Stores: Optical stores, like LensCrafters or Visionworks, might have solar eclipse glasses for sale. These stores cater to eye health and may have special events or promotions during solar eclipses.

  4. Local retailers: Contact local retailers or outdoor stores in the area, such as Walmart or Target, to inquire about their inventory of solar eclipse glasses.

Please note that the availability of solar eclipse glasses in these local stores cannot be guaranteed. It is essential to call and confirm before visiting the location. If you cannot find any specific information or if time is running out, consider using a search engine to find nearby retailers selling solar eclipse glasses by using the search query "solar eclipse glasses near me" on your favorite search engine.

⏰ Accurate Date & Time Information

To stay informed about the accurate date and time of the solar eclipse in Rutgers University-Livingston Campus, you can visit eclipse-timer.com/city/rutgers-university-livingston-campus. Eclipse-timer.com provides precise information about the eclipse and ensures you don't miss this awe-inspiring celestial phenomenon.

Remember, preparing in advance and acquiring proper eye protection is essential to witness the solar eclipse safely. Whether you choose to purchase solar eclipse glasses online or explore local options, make sure to follow the necessary safety guidelines provided by trusted sources like NASA or the American Astronomical Society. Enjoy this extraordinary event and marvel at the wonders of the universe!

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