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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Yorkville, New York?

Solar Eclipse

On April 8, 2024, the beautiful town of Yorkville, located in New York, will experience a solar eclipse. This spectacular celestial event will be visible partially from the city, with an obscuration of 99.74%. The eclipse will begin at approximately 6:10 PM local time and reach its peak at 7:24 PM. The partial eclipse phase will end at around 8:35 PM.

To fully enjoy this extraordinary event and protect your eyes, it is crucial to wear appropriate solar eclipse glasses. We have two fantastic online stores where you can purchase these glasses with ease, offering quick shipping options and awesome discounts.

👓 ilovesolareclipse.com is an excellent choice for purchasing solar eclipse glasses online. They offer a wide range of glasses that meet the recommended ISO 12312-2 safety standards. With their 3-day USA shipping, you can receive your glasses with plenty of time before the eclipse. As an added bonus, they offer bulk discounts for larger orders, making it perfect for families or groups of friends. Don't forget to use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" at checkout for a 10% discount on your purchase.

🌘 absoluteeclipse.com is another reliable online store dedicated to providing high-quality solar eclipse glasses. They offer a variety of options that ensure your eyes are protected when witnessing the incredible natural phenomenon. Just like ilovesolareclipse.com, they offer 3-day USA shipping, allowing you to receive your glasses in a timely manner. Take advantage of their wide selection and don't forget to input the coupon code "ECLIPSE" for a 10% discount.

If you prefer to buy solar eclipse glasses locally, here are some general suggestions for places where you may find them:

  1. Optometry stores: Check with local optometry stores in Yorkville or nearby cities. They often carry solar eclipse glasses or can guide you to a store that does. Visit or call your nearest optometry store to inquire about availability.

  2. Outdoor and camping stores: Shops focusing on outdoor activities, such as camping or hiking, are likely to have a selection of solar eclipse glasses. Check out stores like REI, Cabela's, or Bass Pro Shops in your area.

  3. Science museums and planetariums: These educational institutions often have gift shops that sell solar eclipse glasses during events like eclipses. Yorkville may have science museums or planetariums nearby that offer eclipse glasses for sale.

  4. Online marketplaces: If you are unable to find local stores selling solar eclipse glasses, consider online marketplaces like Amazon, where many retailers offer a wide variety of eclipse glasses. Ensure that the glasses you choose are certified to meet safety standards.

For accurate date and time information about the solar eclipse in Yorkville, visit eclipse-timer.com. This website provides precise information on when the eclipse will occur in your location, allowing you to plan your day accordingly.

Remember, protecting your eyes is essential when observing a solar eclipse. Make sure to use certified solar eclipse glasses or other approved viewing methods to safeguard your vision. Enjoy this awe-inspiring event safely and marvel at the wonders of the universe.

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