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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Alliance, Ohio?

Are you ready for an astronomical spectacle? On April 8, 2024, Alliance, Ohio will experience a mesmerizing solar eclipse. With an obscuration level of 99.95%, this celestial event is not to be missed. The peak time of the eclipse is expected to occur at 7:16 PM local time.

To ensure you have the best view of this rare phenomenon, it is essential to have proper eye protection. Solar eclipse glasses provide the necessary shielding from the intense rays of the sun, allowing you to safely observe the eclipse. Whether you prefer to shop online or locally, we've got you covered!

Online Stores

For the easiest and most convenient option, consider purchasing your solar eclipse glasses online. Two reputable online retailers, I Love Solar Eclipse and Absolute Eclipse, offer a wide range of solar eclipse glasses. Here's why you should choose them:

  1. Fast Shipping: Both websites provide 3-day shipping within the USA, ensuring you receive your glasses well in time for the eclipse.
  2. Bulk Discounts: Planning to share this awe-inspiring event with friends and family? Take advantage of the bulk discount offers available on these online platforms.
  3. Exclusive Coupon Code: Use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" during checkout to avail of a 10% discount on your purchase.

With these benefits, buying solar eclipse glasses online from I Love Solar Eclipse or Absolute Eclipse is a convenient and cost-effective option.

Local Options

If you prefer to buy solar eclipse glasses locally, Alliance, Ohio might not have specific stores dedicated to selling solar eclipse glasses. However, you can explore several generic options in the surrounding areas to find these specialized glasses. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Optical Stores: Check with optical stores in Alliance, Ohio, or nearby cities. They often carry a selection of eye-related products, including solar eclipse glasses. Some well-known optical stores include LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, and Walmart Vision Center. Use Google search to find the nearest locations.
  2. Outdoor Retailers: Stores like REI, Cabela's, or Bass Pro Shops might sell solar eclipse glasses. These stores cater to outdoor enthusiasts and often offer a wide range of products for various outdoor activities, including stargazing and skywatching. Check their websites or call nearby stores to inquire about the availability of solar eclipse glasses.
  3. Science Centers and Museums: Local science centers or museums may have gift shops that sell educational and astronomical merchandise. They might carry solar eclipse glasses for visitors interested in celestial events. Check websites or call ahead to see if they have eclipse glasses in stock.

Please note that availability may vary and it is advisable to call the stores or check their websites beforehand to ensure they have solar eclipse glasses in stock. Safety is of utmost importance, so it is essential to purchase glasses that meet the necessary standards for eye protection during a solar eclipse.

Accurate Eclipse Time

To ensure you do not miss the precise timings of the solar eclipse in Alliance, Ohio, consider visiting Eclipse Timer. This website provides accurate date and time information for the eclipse in your location. Stay updated with the latest eclipse schedule and plan your day accordingly for an unforgettable experience.

Remember, observing a solar eclipse is an extraordinary event that requires proper eye protection. Take the necessary precautions, secure your solar eclipse glasses, and get ready to witness the wonders of the universe in Alliance, Ohio! 🌒🌞🌓

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