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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Bloomingdale, New Jersey?

Event Information

  • City: Bloomingdale
  • State: New Jersey
  • Population: 7,759
  • Latitude: 41.03
  • Longitude: -74.3319
  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Eclipse Obscuration: 91.51%

The exciting phenomenon of a solar eclipse will occur in Bloomingdale, New Jersey. The event will take place on April 8, 2024. The eclipse will reach its peak at 19:25:16 UTC, providing a breathtaking view of the moon fully or partially covering the sun. The obscuration, which is the extent to which the sun is covered by the moon, will be approximately 91.51%.

To prepare for this awe-inspiring event, it is crucial to have solar eclipse glasses in order to safely view the eclipse. Block harmful UV rays and protect your eyes with these special glasses.

Online Shops

For a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience, consider the following online shops that sell solar eclipse glasses:

  1. ilovesolareclipse.com - This online shop offers a wide range of solar eclipse glasses. They provide fast 3-day shipping within the USA. As an added benefit, they offer bulk discounts, making it an excellent option for group purchases. Use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" to get a 10% discount on your order.
  2. absoluteeclipse.com - Another reputable online store that specializes in solar eclipse glasses. They offer efficient 3-day shipping across the USA, ensuring that you receive your order in time for the event. Take advantage of their bulk discounts and don't forget to apply the coupon code "ECLIPSE" to save 10%.

Local Stores

If you prefer to purchase solar eclipse glasses locally in Bloomingdale, New Jersey, consider visiting the following places:

  1. Generic Store 1 - Address: 123 Main Street, Bloomingdale, NJ
  2. Generic Store 2 - Address: 456 Elm Avenue, Bloomingdale, NJ

Please note that the availability of solar eclipse glasses locally may vary. It is recommended to contact local optical stores or astronomy clubs in Bloomingdale to inquire about their stock and hours of operation.

Accurate Eclipse Timing

To ensure you have the most accurate date and time of the eclipse in Bloomingdale, New Jersey, you can visit eclipse-timer.com/city/bloomingdale. Eclipse Timer is a reliable source that provides precise information regarding the eclipse time, duration, and celestial events related to the eclipse.

Enjoy the magnificent solar eclipse in Bloomingdale, New Jersey, with the proper protective eyewear and make unforgettable memories of this extraordinary celestial event!

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