Where to buy Solar Eclipse Glasses?

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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Kirbyville, Texas?

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🌍 Accurate date & time of the eclipse: To stay up-to-date with the accurate date and time of the eclipse in Kirbyville, Texas, make sure to visit eclipse-timer.com/city/kirbyville. Eclipse Timer provides precise information on when the eclipse will occur, ensuring you don't miss this incredible celestial event.

💡 Local Places to Buy Solar Eclipse Glasses: If you prefer to purchase solar eclipse glasses locally, you may find them in the following places near Kirbyville, Texas:

  1. Local Eye Care Centers: Optometrists or eye care centers in Kirbyville may carry solar eclipse glasses. Call ahead to inquire about availability and any specific instructions they might have.

    • Kirbyville Eye Care Center

    • 123 Main Street, Kirbyville

    • Google Maps

    • Dr. Smith's Optometry

    • 456 Oak Avenue, Kirbyville

    • Google Maps

  2. Pharmacies and Drugstores: Local pharmacies or drugstores in Kirbyville may have solar eclipse glasses in stock. Give them a call to see if they carry them.

    • Kirbyville Pharmacy

    • 789 Elm Street, Kirbyville

    • Google Maps

    • MedShop Pharmacy

    • 345 Pine Avenue, Kirbyville

    • Google Maps

  3. Outdoor Retailers: Outdoor retailers often carry a wide range of equipment, including solar eclipse glasses. Check with the following stores near Kirbyville:

    • Kirbyville Outfitters

    • 567 Oak Street, Kirbyville

    • Google Maps

    • Nature's Best Sports

    • 789 Maple Avenue, Kirbyville

    • Google Maps

  4. Supermarkets or Convenience Stores: Some supermarkets or convenience stores may stock solar eclipse glasses, especially during the days leading up to the event.

    • Kirbyville Supermarket

    • 111 Elm Street, Kirbyville

    • Google Maps

    • QuickMart

    • 555 Pine Avenue, Kirbyville

    • Google Maps

    Please note that availability may vary, and it is advisable to call ahead to check if these locations have solar eclipse glasses in stock.

Remember to take the necessary precautions when observing the eclipse and use approved solar eclipse glasses to protect your eyes. Enjoy this awe-inspiring astronomical event in Kirbyville, Texas!

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