Where to buy Solar Eclipse Glasses?

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Where to find solar eclipse glasses in Sioux City, Iowa?

🌒 About the Solar Eclipse Event in Sioux City, Iowa:

  • Date: April 8, 2024
  • Population: 111,924
  • Obscuration: 75.46%
  • Peak Time: 18:55:58 Local Time

🔭 Solar Eclipse Glasses: To ensure a safe viewing experience for the upcoming solar eclipse, consider purchasing solar eclipse glasses. For quick and reliable options, check out:

🏙️ Local Purchase Options in Sioux City: If you prefer to buy solar eclipse glasses locally, here are some generic places to check out:

  • 🏬 Local astronomy stores or science museums often sell solar eclipse glasses. You can visit 605 Douglas St, Sioux City, IA 51101 for such options.
  • 🛍️ Some general stores or pharmacies like Walmart, CVS, or Target might stock solar eclipse glasses. Check your nearest outlets for availability.

🔆 Why Wear Solar Eclipse Glasses? It's crucial to wear ISO-12321-2(E:2015) certified solar eclipse glasses to prevent eye damage while viewing the eclipse. Directly looking at the sun during an eclipse can cause permanent eye injury. Stay safe and enjoy the celestial event with proper eye protection.

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