Where to buy Solar Eclipse Glasses?

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Where to find solar eclipse glasses in Verde Village, Arizona?


Event Information:

  • City: Verde Village
  • State: Arizona
  • Population: 12,658
  • Obscuration: 61.31%
  • Peak Time: April 8, 2024, at 6:22 PM (Local Time)
  • Partial Eclipse Begins: April 8, 2024, at 10:11 AM (Local Time)
  • Partial Eclipse Ends: April 8, 2024, at 7:36 PM (Local Time)

🔭 About Solar Eclipses: A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, blocking out the Sun's light partially or entirely for a viewer on Earth. It can result in a partial, total, or annular eclipse depending on the alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Earth.

⚠️ Why Wearing Solar Eclipse Glasses is Important: Looking directly at the Sun, even when it is partially covered by the Moon during an eclipse, can cause serious eye damage or even blindness. Solar eclipse glasses are designed to protect your eyes by filtering out harmful ultraviolet and infrared light.

🛒 Where to Buy Solar Eclipse Glasses:

  1. ilovesolareclipse.com: For quick and convenient shopping, visit ilovesolareclipse.com or absoluteeclipse.com to purchase solar eclipse glasses online. They offer 3-day USA shipping, bulk discounts, and a 10% off coupon code "ECLIPSE".

  2. Local Stores (if unavailable locally, try generic options):

  • Visit local scientific supply stores, museums, or observatories as they often stock solar eclipse glasses.
  • Optical shops may also carry these glasses; inquire with your local optometrist.
  • Check with large retailers like Walmart, Target, or hardware stores for availability.
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