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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Park Hills, Kentucky?

Are you ready to witness a celestial spectacle? A total solar eclipse is coming to Park Hills, Kentucky, on April 8, 2024. Mark your calendars because this rare event will provide an incredible opportunity to experience the beauty and wonder of nature.

🌞 Event Details:

  • City: Park Hills
  • State: Kentucky
  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Latitude: 39.0692
  • Longitude: -84.5313
  • Obscuration: 99.62%
  • Population: 3,155
  • Partial Begin (Local Time): 2024-04-08 13:52:08 EDT
  • Partial Begin (UTC Time): 2024-04-08 17:52:08
  • Peak Time: 2024-04-08 19:09:44
  • Partial End: 2024-04-08 20:24:50

Now, let's start by promoting online shops where you can conveniently purchase solar eclipse glasses and ensure your safety during the event.

🛍️ Online Shops:

  1. Visit to find a wide range of solar eclipse glasses. They offer 3-day USA shipping, bulk discounts, and a special 10% discount on your purchase using the coupon code "ECLIPSE." Don't miss out on this amazing deal!
  2. For another reliable online option, check out They are your go-to source for high-quality solar eclipse glasses. Take advantage of their fast shipping and affordable prices to ensure a memorable eclipse experience.

🌐 Additionally, if you want to determine the precise timing of the eclipse for Park Hills, Kentucky, visit for accurate date and time information.

🌆 Now, if you prefer to buy solar eclipse glasses locally, let's explore some options in the Park Hills area:

  1. Local Retail Stores: Check with your local retail stores in Park Hills, Kentucky, such as Walmart, Target, or Walgreens. These stores often stock seasonal items, including solar eclipse glasses. Simply visit their websites or call ahead to inquire about availability.

  2. Optical Shops: Optical shops and eyewear retailers may have solar eclipse glasses available. Consider checking with local stores like LensCrafters or Visionworks, who may carry the glasses or be able to recommend a store that does.

  3. Local Observatories and Planetariums: Look for any observatories or planetariums near Park Hills, Kentucky. These establishments frequently provide educational resources and eclipse-related merchandise. Contact them to see if they have solar eclipse glasses available for purchase.

  4. Local Astronomy Clubs: Reach out to local astronomy clubs or societies in your area. They often host events and may have information on where to buy solar eclipse glasses.

  5. Online Marketplaces: If you're unable to find local retailers selling solar eclipse glasses, consider exploring online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay. Make sure to read reviews and purchase from reputable sellers to ensure you receive certified and safe glasses.

Remember, it's essential to wear proper solar eclipse glasses to protect your eyes while viewing the eclipse. Regular sunglasses or homemade filters are not safe substitutes.

Enjoy the mesmerizing solar eclipse in Park Hills, Kentucky, and make sure to share this wonderful experience with your friends and family in a safe and responsible manner! 🌙🌑🌞

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