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We're thrilled to announce that our solar eclipse glasses are now officially approved by – the American Astronomical Society! Shop with confidence knowing that you're getting top-quality eclipse glasses from a trusted source. Get ready for the next celestial event and ensure your safety with our certified eclipse glasses.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are solar eclipse glasses necessary to view an eclipse?

Yes, it's crucial to wear proper solar eclipse glasses to protect your eyes during the partial phases of a solar eclipse. Looking at the sun without them can cause serious eye damage.

How do I know if my eclipse glasses are safe to use?

Ensure your eclipse glasses are ISO 12321-2(E:2015) certified for safe direct sun observation. Check for the ISO logo and manufacturer's information on the glasses. Discard any glasses with scratches or damage.

Can I reuse solar eclipse glasses?

You can reuse eclipse glasses if they are in good condition. However, if they have any scratches, holes, or damage, it's safer to replace them.

Do I need different glasses for a total solar eclipse compared to a partial eclipse?

No, the same certified eclipse glasses can be used for both total and partial solar eclipses. You'll wear them during the partial phases and remove them during totality in a total eclipse.

Can I use sunglasses or regular eyeglasses to view a solar eclipse?

No, regular sunglasses or eyeglasses are not safe for eclipse viewing. They do not provide adequate protection against the intense solar rays.

How do I know when the next solar eclipse will occur in my area?

You can use websites or apps like Eclipse Timer to find the date, time, and location of the next solar eclipse in your area.

What should I do if I miss the eclipse glasses available online or in stores?

If you can't find eclipse glasses, you can create a pinhole projector as an alternative safe way to view the eclipse.

Can children safely use eclipse glasses?

Yes, eclipse glasses are safe for children to use, but they should be supervised to ensure they wear the glasses correctly.

Can I take photos or videos of the eclipse with my smartphone using eclipse glasses?

When using and positioning your camera, it's perfectly fine to do so. However, it's essential to avoid direct sunlight exposure for prolonged periods. If you're concerned about this, you can try using glasses as filters for your camera, although it may be slightly inconvenient. Alternatively, you can explore solar camera viewers equipped with velcro or adhesive to securely attach your phone.

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