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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Pinckney, Michigan?


Are you excited about the upcoming solar eclipse in Pinckney, Michigan? This rare celestial event is sure to capture the attention of residents and visitors alike. If you're planning to witness the eclipse, it's important to protect your eyes with proper solar eclipse glasses. In this article, we will provide you with information on where to buy solar eclipse glasses both online and locally in the Pinckney area. So, sit back, relax, and read on!

🔭🌌👓 Online Stores

If you're looking for convenience and want to ensure you have your solar eclipse glasses well in advance, online stores are your best bet. Two reputable online shops that sell solar eclipse glasses are and Both websites offer a wide range of solar eclipse glasses and provide the following benefits:

  1. 3-Day USA Shipping: Don't worry about long waits - these online stores offer quick delivery within the US.

  2. Bulk Discounts: Planning an eclipse viewing party with friends or family? Take advantage of the bulk discounts available on both websites.

  3. Coupon Code: Use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" during checkout to receive a 10% discount on your order.


To ensure you don't miss out on the solar eclipse, it's crucial to have accurate information about the date and time of the event. is a reliable website that offers precise details about the eclipse for various locations. To get accurate information specific to Pinckney, Michigan, you can visit Make sure to bookmark this link to stay informed about the eclipse countdown!

🏬 Local Stores

If you prefer to buy solar eclipse glasses locally, there are several general places you can visit in the Pinckney area. These stores might carry solar eclipse glasses, but it's always recommended to call ahead to confirm availability before making a trip:

  1. Optical Stores: Local optical stores or opticians may carry solar eclipse glasses, especially leading up to the eclipse. Check with stores like Pinckney Eye Care Center or Pinckney Vision Center to inquire about their products.

  2. Outdoor Stores: Outdoor stores often stock solar eclipse glasses along with their other equipment. Stores like Dick's Sporting Goods or Bass Pro Shops might have them available.

  3. Pharmacies/Drugstores: Local pharmacies or drugstores sometimes carry solar eclipse glasses among their health-related products. Try places like CVS Pharmacy or Walgreens and inquire about their stock.

If you couldn't find any local stores or if they don't have an ample supply, don't worry! You can always rely on the online stores mentioned earlier for quick delivery.

📅 Event Information

Now let's talk about the solar eclipse event itself. In Pinckney, Michigan, the solar eclipse will occur on April 8, 2024. Here are a few details about the event:

  • Obscuration: The eclipse will have an obscuration of approximately 97.9%. This means that about 97.9% of the sun's surface will be covered by the moon at the peak of the eclipse.

  • Partial Phase: The partial phase of the eclipse will begin locally at 1:57 PM (UTC time) and end at 4:26 PM (UTC time).

  • Peak Time: The peak time, when the moon covers the maximum area of the sun, will take place at 7:13 PM (UTC time).

  • Safety Reminder: Remember to never look directly at the sun during a solar eclipse without proper eye protection, such as solar eclipse glasses. Looking at the sun can cause severe eye damage.

🔭🌌👓 Protect Your Eyes!

Now that you have all the information you need, it's time to ensure you're prepared to witness this incredible celestial event safely. Purchase your solar eclipse glasses well in advance to avoid any last-minute rush or unavailability. Remember, the safety of your eyes is of utmost importance.

Don't forget to use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" for a 10% discount when purchasing from or And keep track of the eclipse timing with

Enjoy the solar eclipse, and may your experience be truly awe-inspiring!

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