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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Port Jervis, New York?

🌒 Are you ready to witness a breathtaking solar eclipse in Port Jervis, New York? Mark your calendars because on April 8, 2024, a partial solar eclipse will occur in your city. With an obscuration of 93.28%, this celestial event promises to be a sight to behold!

🗺️ Located in the state of New York, Port Jervis is a small city with a population of around 8,772 people. It is situated at a latitude of 41.3783° N and a longitude of -74.691° W. The local timezone is America/New_York.

⏱️ The partial eclipse will begin on April 8, 2024, at 6:09:58 PM local time. The peak of the eclipse will occur at 7:24:57 PM, and it will end at 8:35:54 PM. Make sure to mark these times in your calendar and prepare yourself to witness this breathtaking celestial event.

✨ To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience while observing the solar eclipse, it is crucial to wear proper solar eclipse glasses. These glasses are designed specifically for solar viewing and provide the necessary protection for your eyes.

💻 If you prefer the convenience of online shopping, you can visit or to purchase solar eclipse glasses. These websites offer a wide range of options and provide 3-day shipping within the USA. Don't forget to use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" for a 10% discount on your purchase. With bulk discounts available, you can also consider buying glasses for your friends and family.

🛍️ If you prefer to purchase solar eclipse glasses locally in Port Jervis, there are several options you can explore:

  1. Optical Stores: Visit local optical stores in your area. They often carry a variety of eyewear and may have solar eclipse glasses available. Contact stores such as LensCrafters or Pearle Vision in Port Jervis for more information.
  2. Outdoor Retailers: Stores like REI or Dick's Sporting Goods may have solar eclipse glasses in stock. These stores cater to outdoor enthusiasts and often carry specialty items for events like solar eclipses.
  3. Local Astronomy Clubs: Reach out to local astronomy clubs or societies in Port Jervis. These organizations are passionate about celestial events and may have information on where to acquire solar eclipse glasses. They could also provide guidance on safe viewing practices.
  4. Educational Institutions: Check with nearby schools, colleges, or science centers. They might have solar eclipse glasses available for educational purposes or public events. Contact organizations like Port Jervis High School or nearby universities.

🔍 In case you need further information or want to plan your eclipse-watching experience, you can visit to get accurate date and time details of the eclipse in Port Jervis.

🌞 Witnessing a solar eclipse is a rare and awe-inspiring experience. Just remember to prioritize your safety by wearing certified solar eclipse glasses. Enjoy the celestial spectacle and marvel at the wonders of the universe in Port Jervis, New York!

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