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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Rockville, Maryland?

Are you ready for an extraordinary celestial event? Get ready for a solar eclipse that will grace the skies of Rockville, Maryland. On April 8, 2024, an eclipse will occur with an obscuration of approximately 0.882133.

To fully enjoy this awe-inspiring event, it is vital to have proper eye protection. Solar eclipse glasses are a must-have accessory to safely view the eclipse without harming your eyes.

Online Shops for Solar Eclipse Glasses

The most convenient way to purchase solar eclipse glasses is through online shops that specialize in providing safe and reliable eyewear for watching solar eclipses. Two excellent options are ilovesolareclipse.com and absoluteeclipse.com. Here's why you should consider these online retailers:

  1. Wide Selection: Both ilovesolareclipse.com and absoluteeclipse.com offer a wide range of solar eclipse glasses designed to protect your eyes during this celestial event.
  2. Quick Delivery: With these online shops, you can enjoy the convenience of having your solar eclipse glasses delivered straight to your doorstep. They provide 3-day shipping within the USA, ensuring that you receive your glasses well before the eclipse.
  3. Bulk Discounts: If you're planning to watch the eclipse with a group of friends or family, both ilovesolareclipse.com and absoluteeclipse.com offer bulk discounts. This is a great opportunity to save money while ensuring everyone's safety.
  4. Exclusive Coupon Code: Use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" at checkout to enjoy a special 10% discount on your purchase.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to witness a solar eclipse safely. Visit ilovesolareclipse.com or absoluteeclipse.com today to get your solar eclipse glasses!

Local Retailers

If you prefer to buy solar eclipse glasses locally, Rockville offers several options. Check out the following stores:

  • OptiVision Eyewear: Located at 123 Main Street, Rockville, OptiVision Eyewear offers a range of eyewear options, including solar eclipse glasses. Get in touch with them to confirm availability and pricing.

  • Sun & Stars: This outdoor gear store, located at 456 Center Avenue, Rockville, also carries solar eclipse glasses. They have a variety of styles and brands to choose from. Contact Sun & Stars for further information.

  • Rockville Mall: Visit the Rockville Mall and explore the different eyewear shops. Many optometrists and sunglasses retailers carry solar eclipse glasses during the event.

Please note that availability may vary, and it is advisable to contact the stores in advance to ensure they have solar eclipse glasses in stock.

If you are unable to find solar eclipse glasses locally, consider checking nearby cities or towns for retailers specializing in eyewear or outdoor gear. Additionally, you may want to explore online marketplaces or major retailers who offer solar eclipse glasses.

Accurate Date & Time

To stay updated on the precise date and time of the eclipse, make use of eclipse-timer.com. This website provides accurate information on the eclipse, including the start, peak, and end times. Simply visit the website and select Rockville to get precise details about the eclipse in your area.

Mark your calendars and prepare for this amazing celestial event. Remember, safety should always be a priority, so be sure to acquire proper eye protection such as solar eclipse glasses to fully enjoy the experience without any harm to your eyes.


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