Where to buy Solar Eclipse Glasses?

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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in Dickson City, Pennsylvania?

Where to buy solar eclipse glasses in the Dickson City, Pennsylvania?

🔭 Looking for solar eclipse glasses in Dickson City? Look no further! We have some great options for you.

But before we dive into the local options, let's consider the convenience of shopping online. Two popular online shops, ilovesolareclipse.com and absoluteeclipse.com, offer a wide range of solar eclipse glasses. Not only do they provide quick 3-day shipping within the USA, but they also offer bulk discounts. And the best part? Use the coupon code "ECLIPSE" for an extra 10% off your purchase!

Now, let's discuss the details of the upcoming solar eclipse event in Dickson City. With a population of 6,047, the city is located in Pennsylvania's Timezone (America/New_York). The coordinates of Dickson City are approximately 41.4684° latitude and -75.6358° longitude.

The solar eclipse in Dickson City will occur on April 8, 2024. The event will have an obscuration of 94.8%, which means that a significant portion of the Sun will be covered during the eclipse.

Here is the timeline of the eclipse in Dickson City:

  • Partial Eclipse Begins: April 8, 2024, 2:08 PM local time (Convert to your local time)
  • Peak Time: April 8, 2024, 7:23 PM local time
  • Partial Eclipse Ends: April 8, 2024, 8:35 PM local time

Now, let's talk about where you can buy solar eclipse glasses in Dickson City. Since it is a smaller city, there might not be dedicated stores selling these glasses. In such cases, it's always a good idea to check with local astronomy clubs, libraries, or science centers. They often hold events and might have solar eclipse glasses available for purchase.

If you don't have any luck locally, you can always find solar eclipse glasses at major retail stores like Walmart, Target, or Best Buy. These stores usually carry a variety of eclipse-related products, including glasses. To find the nearest locations, you can either search on Google Maps with the query "solar eclipse glasses near me" or check the websites of these retail stores for their store locator tools.

Remember, it's crucial to ensure that the glasses you purchase for viewing the eclipse are certified and safe. Look for glasses with the ISO 12312-2 certification, which indicates that they meet the necessary safety standards for viewing the Sun.

Enjoy the upcoming solar eclipse, and don't forget to protect your eyes with proper solar eclipse glasses! 🌒🌞

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