Solar eclipse glasses need to be certified and compliant with ISO 12312-2(E:2015) for safe direct sun observation. This page includes our test reports that confirm the legitimacy and safety of our glasses. Rest assured, all of our solar eclipse products are safe. Read on to make sure of it.

Document content:
  • ICS Issued Test Report for Paper Solar Eclipse Glasses
  • ICS Issued Test Report for Plastic Solar Eclipse Glasses

* Any other product contains the same filters previously tested and verified by one of the test reports shown in this page.

Paper Glasses

Download document:  T18671-01-3 Report Issue 1 (Paper)

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Plastic Glasses

Download document: T18671-01-1 Report Issue 1 (Plastic) 



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Confirmation of Authority

Test reports for our products were issued by ICS Laboratories Inc., which is a widely accredited facility providing accurate and credible reports.