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Silver-Black Polymer Solar Filter Sheet, DIY

Silver-Black Polymer Solar Filter Sheet, DIY

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Material Details

Embedded within the substrate, absorptive material prevents scratches. At the same time, our Silver-Black Polymer filters out 99.999% of solar energy, ensuring the safety of your optical device and delivering a pristine view of the sun.

High-grade materials and an ultra-fine metallic optical coating deliver crisp, clear images of solar phenomena with exceptional detail and safety.

Intended Purpose

Sheets are intended to be fitted on optical devices such as telescopes, binoculars, cameras, or DIY glasses. By incorporating our solar filter sheets into your equipment, you can safely observe solar phenomena with enhanced clarity and peace of mind across various viewing platforms. See product images for examples of use cases

Installation Instructions


Installing our solar filter sheets is a straightforward process, though it may vary depending on the optical device you intend to fit them onto. Here's a general guide to get you started:

  1. Rubberband Method (Quick and Easy): The simplest and quickest way to attach the solar filter sheet is by using rubber bands. Secure the sheet in place by gently stretching rubber bands around the edges of your optical device. It's important to note that some wrinkling may occur during this process, but rest assured, it won't significantly affect image clarity.

  2. DIY Approach (Robust Installation): For a more robust installation, you may need to get creative and find a method that works best for your specific device. This do-it-yourself aspect allows you to customize the attachment according to your device's size and shape. Explore different techniques such as clips, adhesive tapes, or custom mounting solutions to ensure a secure and stable fit.

Available Sizes

Choose the perfect fit, our sheets range in size from 3x3 Inch up to 12x12 Inch.

To ensure a seamless installation and optimal coverage, we recommend selecting a size slightly larger than your device's aperture. This provides extra room for any potential errors during cutting or if you opt for the rubberband method. For instance, if your device's aperture measures 4x4 inches, we suggest choosing the 5x5 inch filter sheet.

By choosing a size with a little extra room, you can enjoy greater flexibility and peace of mind during the installation process. Browse our available sizes and find the perfect match for your solar observation needs.

Trusted Manufacturer: Jaxy Optical Instruments

A trusted name in the astronomy community, Jaxy Optical Instruments is recognized by the AAS Solar Eclipse Special Task Force as a safe supplier of ISO-certified products. With a stellar reputation and decades of experience, Jaxy ensures quality and safety in solar exploration.

Package Contents:

  • Solar Filter Sheet
  • Printed Instructions

That's all you need for safe and effective solar observation!

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